Coral Island Travel Guide

Coral Island

Coral island is located a short 9 kms off the southeast coast of Phuket. The main beach is a popular tourist destination. The clean white sand of the main beach attract many tourist who are looking for a relaxing, but enjoyable vacation. The main beach is extremely popular for water-skiers, para-gliders, and sunbathers. These popular activities are for the tourist who appreciate clean, clear ocean waters that are home to a large variety of sea-life.

In addition to the water sports, tourists can take elephant rides along the beach as well as sea walks. However, tourist should be aware that the coral reefs here are in danger of being destroyed and must be careful not to cause any damage. Therefore, it is important to hire a local guide so that you can enjoy yourselves.

Tourists can get to Coral Island by long-tail boats or speedboats that can be hired at Chalong pier, or Rawai on the southern end of Phuket. The travel time is just 10-15 minutes and day tours that include lunch and snorkeling euipment can be arranged at either of the two departure points on Phuket and on Coral Island as well.

St. Martin is the only coral island and the most popular island with the tourists in Bangladesh. It is a coral Island where you will find live corals of different shapes and sizes. Its only 30 Km: from Teknaf and you can go there by local motorboat, tourist boats or sea truck. Kaire Sindbad, Eagle and the sea truck of BIWTC are few to name.

The beaches in St. Martin Island are fringed with coconut palms and blessed with bountiful marine lives. It is possible to walk around the island in a day because it measures only 8 sq. km shrinking to about 5 s km: (2 s mi) during high tide. Most of island’s 5500 inhabitants live primarily on fishing. Tourists enjoy the transparent water with marine creatures in the water. A lot of tortoises lay eggs in St. Marin island.

In this Island, you will find the beautiful coral reef and transparent water and lots of coconut trees. The local name of St. Martin is Narikel Gingira. It is a Bangla word. Narikel means coconut and Gingira means resting place. The residents of St. Martin are very hospitable and simple minded.
Cheera-dwip is a part of St. Martins Island but it is divided during tides. You can visit Cheera-dwip by walking. It is about two and a half hours hiking from St. Martins Island or you can go there also by local motorboat or tourist boat. In that Island you will find corals – living and dead all over the island. Small bushes are there which are the only the greenery of Cheera-dwip, enhancing the beauty of this island. People do not live in this Island, so it is advisable for the tourists to go there early and come back by afternoon.

Coral Island Travel Guide
Coral Island Travel Guide