Hong Island Travel Guide

Hong Island

This is a five-island Hong Island tour, which visits four beautiful islands in a pristine part of the Tharnbok Khoranee National Marine Park. ‘Hong’ in Thai which translates to room in English. This “island of rooms” is a perfect escape away from Krabi mainland. There is also a slightly enclosed lagoon in the middle of Hong island which is tranquil and has turuoise water. Hong island is truly a desert island paradise renowned for its breath-taking beauty, shallow coral reefs and fine sandy beaches.

The main island, Koh Hong is uninhabited, except for the birds, white-faced gibbons and giant monitor lizards that can be often spotted on the main white sand beach (at uiet times, at least). Its interior is home to a large lagoon (the “chamber” to which its Thai name “Hong” refers). This is best accessed at low tide by kayak, as the diminishing water level makes its colour change drastically from a deep emerald green to a clear turuoise; motor boats (either longtail or speedboats) will go around mid-tide. The entrance to the lagoon is through a dramatic cliff passage that should be photographed on your way out.

Koh Lahding is another beautiful island with a sheltered cove where there is a birds’ nest collectors’ camp; further north, both Koh Pakbia and Koh Rai have impressive sandbars revealed at low tide. Tours will include at least two pretty decent snorkeling stops: the first (or last) at Koh Daeng, a rock island on the way to (or from) Koh Hong, and the second in Lahding Bay.
Itinerary order varies throughout the month, so that the lagoon can be entered before low tide (or at low tide if going by kayak) and will include a picnic lunch on the main island of Koh Hong, where basic toilet facilities are available.

Koh Hong Island is a perfect escape whilst on holidays. Wonderful desert island location renowned for its breathtaking beauty, shallow coral reefs and fine, sandy beaches. In the middle of the half-circled shaped island lies the secret lagoon, where you can find yourself at one with nature.

Hong Island Travel Guide
Hong Island Travel Guide

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