Khai Nui Island Travel Guide

Khai Nui Island

Khai Islands are located 10 km east of Phuket. It consists of three small islands. Khai Nok Island has a beautiful white beach with crystal clear turuoise water. Plenty of tropical fish are swimming around in the shallow water waiting to be fed, great for the kids. Khai Nai Island is the biggest island and has a beautiful white beach with crystal clear emerald green water good for swimming and snorkeling. Khai Nui Island is the smallest island and hosts colorful coral reefs providing excellent snorkeling. We offer day trip to Khai Islands group which consist of three lovely Islands Khai Nui. Khai Nok, Khai Nai.

Overview Of The 3 Khai Island !!
Khai Nui Island snorkeling. And fish At this point the fish can be found, too. A small beach
Khai Nok Island is a small island with a beautiful white sand beach with rocks and clear water around the island to snorkel with fish dishes Khai Island consists of two islands, which resemble fried sea. A white sandy beach in front of. The island is best to soak up the sun with the small dunes. Connect to the rocks of this area is a great spot for diving, snorkeling around the island to swim on the water, but be aware of some waves for some days. Should a swim in the calm waves.

Khai Nai Island is a small island. That is a great natural white sand beaches clean all sides. North and west of the island. Crystal clear waters around the islands play a coral reef can snorkel simple as a piece of coral plates. But the most notable is the colorful fish species familiar to tourists. Next to the east side The island also has a stone elephant head and a turtle sculpture 3 cover against natural erosion caused by wind. Visitors can walk around the island within two minutes of white sand beaches. Shady trees coral and fish in the shallow area, not far from the beach.

Island activities include cooling off with a swim in the clearest of seas, lazing on warm white sands, and getting up close and personal with numerous pretty fish as you snorkel amoung rocks and coral.
Don’t forget to bring everything you need for fun in the sun and sea, including sunglasses, hat and sunscreen, a swimsuit, towel, non-slip shoes and a spare set of clothing for when things get wet!

Khai Nui Island Travel Guide
Khai Nui Island Travel Guide

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