Raya Island Travel Guide

Raya Island

Raya Island is about 20 kilometers south of Phuket (sometimes written Racha Island) There are 2 Islands Raya Yai and Raya Noy. The Racha yai (Yai is means big) this is where the accommodation of the two Islands is located. It is a real tropical paradise of clean, sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. There is a major attraction for snorkeling day trip from Phuket.

Raya Yai Island, also called Racha Yai Island, is situated 25 km south of Phuket. The main beach, Patok Beach, is located on a long u-shaped bay with powdery white sand and crystal clear turuoise water providing for great swimming, as is the beach at Siam Bay next by which hosts a longer and more quite beach. Kon Kare Bay and Ter Bay a few hundred meters across the island host great beaches and fantastic snorkeling. Diving tours and fishing tours are concentrated on that side of the island due to the abundance of sea life.

Racha Yai reveals itself in splendid fashion, with most arrivals landing onto a strip of fine white sand tucked deep into the long, U-shaped main bay, called Ao Tawan Tok or Ao Bungalow. The water here is clear and perfect for snorkelling, though the bay gets uite busy with visiting boats in the afternoons. Racha Yai is home to The Racha, a splendid geteway resort. The other large bay, Ao Siam, is a pretty place where lonely strolls in solitude are possible.

On the Island’s east coast there are paddy fields, rubber plantations and a small village built on stilts that offer a wonderful appeal for day trips and those who enjoy mountain biking. Rayaoffers the place a relaxed feel, spending your lazy days by swimming or snorkelling Day tour on emerald water, rest on power white sand or your own excursion.

Snorkeling in Kon Kae bay is one of Raya Island’s most popular attractions.Limpid waters and a variety of marine life allow snorkellers to drop small amounts of food into the sea and experience being surrounded by an shoals of colourful fish.

Raya Island is a popular destination for many of Phuket’s tourists both for the clarity of its waters and also because it never becomes overcrowded, allowing visitors to find their own space.
Please note that during the low season, with the change of sea currents, the beaches are likely to be less clean, but the outlying water and seabed always mainatin their charm and beauty.

Raya Island Travel Guide
Raya Island Travel Guide

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