Trang Island Travel Guide

Trang Island

At first glance, you’d probably think the sleepy town of Muang Trang, or Trang, in far south west Thailand, is just full of rubber trees and not much else. But you’d be mistaken, because there’s a lot of magic in this little Thai island, as you’re about to discover.

But just to clarify, Trang has got a few rubber plantations. Well, actually, more than a few. More like as far as the eye can see, along with millions of looming palm oil trees too. But that’s a story for another day. Let’s talk about why Trang is a uite possibly an undiscovered paradise.
Firstly, Trang is so off the radar that not many tourists or travelers get there. And if they do, usually they’re just passing through on their way to get some island snorkeling in and catch some laid back beach sun. However this is possibly what makes this Portuguese/Chinese influenced town so different.

With no real ‘tourist’ stuff such as you might find in nearby Phuket, Trang is as normal a Thai city as you’d ever get. Peek outside around 6 am and you’d see breakfast time is bustling and busy, monks doing their daily walking rounds, and a whole lot of folks on their way back from milking the heck out of those endless rubber trees.

About 30 minutes outside the town you’re confronted with rock scattered waterfalls winding their way down the mountains, huge underground caves that seem to go on forever, and the occasional fluorescent green rice field. Go the other way and it’s all beach. Maybe not the perfect white sand beaches you’d imagine, but still swimmable and great for exploring. The nightlife here includes live music clubs, discos and barbecue restaurants. Shadow Plays are the most famous art of the nation amongst the other various entertainment activities. Trang offers various shopping stores that sell the local handicrafts and artifacts.

The landscape of Trang is one of unrivalled beauty. It has miles and miles of isolated coastline with vast tracts of golden beaches and brilliant turuoise water lapping at the edges. Magnificent outcrops of rocky limestone loom majestically over the diverse marine life to be found in these waters. Visitors can choose to visit the mainland beaches or travel to the lovely verdant islands dotting the seas around Trang. The breathtaking ‘Emerald Cave’ is set on one such isle called Koh Muk. The cave can only be accessed through a covered tunnel and one proceeds in the darkness to suddenly emerge onto an emerald green lagoon cupped within an outcropping of rocks.

trang island travel guide
trang island travel guide

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